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Get a Bachelors Degree from Canada's Foremost Mining Engineering University


Queen’s University’s new Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology (BTech) program combines technical expertise with the managerial and problem-solving skills the industry needs from the next generation of mining professionals, in a flexible online learning format.


Why Online?

The BTech (Mining) program utilizes a unique blended learning format. The program combines asynchronous online lectures, tutorials, and webinars with team assignments, group projects, and collaborative discussions.


Dr Josh Marshall and students

With a focus on Active Learning, Cooperative Learning, and Student-to-Professor Interactions, the BTech (Mining) program is fully adaptable to your needs. Choose to study full-time, or work full-time and study part-time. This flexibility allows you to adjust your course load at any time during the program, in order to maintain a healthy balance between your personal and professional commitments.

Lightboard for interactive online learning

The hub for the interactive elements of the online courses is OnQ. It is an advanced integrated learning platform that brings together the ability to interact with your fellow classmates, access course resources, and get fast feedback - when you want it.

The Rock Mechanics lab

Working with a Program Coordinator, you will build an Individual Learning Plan, customized to your needs. Regular check-ins will allow you the flexibility to adjust your course load in order to meet any changing job or family commitments.

BTech Field School

Years 3 and 4 of the BTech (Mining) program each include an intensive, two-week field placement at Queen’s University in Kingston and at Northern College’s Haileybury School of Mines in Haileybury, ON.  


You will learn practical, hands-on skills in the use of modern tools and equipment, data acquisition and interpretation, group work and report writing. A focus on occupational health and safety is emphasized throughout.

KINGSTON: Field School I includes an introduction to laboratory techniques and data analysis, rock mechanics, blasting technology, and mineral processing.


HAILEYBURY: Field School II includes a study of geology and rocks, mine ventilation, an introduction to metallurgical techniques, as well as surveying technologies.

Career Opportunities for Queen’s BTech Graduates

The mining industry is facing a retirement crisis that is only set to worsen over the next five to ten years. With the most experienced part of the mining workforce leaving, new opportunities will open up for the next generation of mining professionals. A BTech in Mining Engineering Technology will prepare you for those opportunities. Some typical positions are listed opposite.


Mining Engineering Technology Major Map

Project Manager

Typical/Starting Salary

$75 - 100K

Mine Planner

Typical/Starting Salary

$65 - 75K

Mineral Exploration & Development Specialist

Typical/Starting Salary

$68 - 100K

Production Coordinator

Typical/Starting Salary

$75 - 90K

Senior Inspector of Mines

Typical/Starting Salary

$65 - 81K

Diploma to Degree

Graduates of any Engineering Technology or Mining Engineering Technician diploma who have completed their diploma with a minimum 75% average or individuals with at least two years of study in a relevant science field are eligible to enroll.


Bridge the Gap

The program includes a customized ‘bridge’ curriculum designed to bridge the knowledge gap between your college diploma and university courses. Students must pass the bridge with a minimum 65% average in order to proceed on to Years 3 and 4 of the program.

Study & Practice

Upon successful completion of the bridging program, you will enter the final two years of the four-year degree program. Each year includes a two-week field placement in Kingston and Timmins.

Transfer Credits

You will receive block transfer credits for the first two years of the program.