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Meet BTech student Ben Bisson

Choosing to complement your college education with a university degree can be a great way to position yourself to move forward quickly in your mining career. But juggling your job, family, personal commitments, and school all at once can be a daunting prospect. The BTech program from Queen's University is designed specifically to help you earn your degree at your own pace, on your own time, wherever you are. But you don't have to take our word for it; meet BTech student Ben Bisson...


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Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Ben Bisson and I'm an open-pit mine planner here at the Hollinger open pit. I've been here for about five years now. Started off as a surveyor and slowly worked my way into the design aspects of the open pit.

I attended Northern College back in 2008 for the Civil Engineering program. From there I did some various jobs, surveying and highway work with the MTO and when this project started up five years ago, I was asked to come and survey, open up the pit, and it's a very exciting project, so I wanted to jump on it.

I've always wanted to get obtain my university degree and unfortunately, it just wasn't in the cards economically, or with the timetable to try and work full time and attend classes. When I found out that the BTech program was something that seemed sort of up my alley, I made a few phone calls, talked to a few people at Queen's. They're fantastic for talking to, they were very open.

They discussed to me what the intent for BTech program was . . . I love how it's structured around my time, so it does take a lot of your time, but there is a lot of flexibility associated with it, so if you can't get it all done on a Tuesday or a Wednesday, you can postpone it. You can sort of take the courses at your leisure. If it takes you four or five years to complete it, you still have the ability to take that four or five years and it doesn't have a drastic impact on your family life.

It's my intent that it will help me grow with Goldcorp and get into more senior positions in goldmining.

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