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Find Queen's University's Robert M. Buchan Department of Mining Engineering at the Canadian Mining Expo 2017 in Timmins (May 31 – June 1, 2017)

image courtesy of Goldcorp

When: May 31 - June 1, 2017
Where: McIntyre Community Centre, Timmins -


Come hear how we’re partnering with industry to collaborate and create the ideal program for today's mining industry.


Queen's University is thrilled to be at the Canadian Mining Expo this year to discuss our new Bachelor's of Mining Engineering (BTech) program with industry leaders. Queen's BTech is a diploma-to-degree program squarely focused on building smart, well-rounded, tech-savvy graduates ready to take on the challenges of today's mining industry; bridging practical skill development with critical problem-solving and managerial capacities.


Come hear how we’re partnering with industry to collaborate on a wide range of opportunities, to create the ideal program for today's mining industry. We want to meet with industry leaders like you, to share information about our program, find out more about what you’re looking for in your employees, and ultimately develop mutually beneficial working relationships between industry and academia.


The Queen’s BTech program is delivered primarily online, allowing students to keep working while earning their Bachelor’s degree.  We focus on real-world skills, application of modern technologies, and experiential learning.  During our field school sessions, students will combine the valuable elements of group learning, with hands-on experience using state-of-the-art technology.


Program Manager David Yokom (M.Sc., P.Eng) will be on-site throughout the conference to meet with you, in order to learn more about your industry, your people, and figure out how we can make the BTech program work for you.  Submit your contact details below to schedule a meeting with David.


David Yokom
BTech Program Manager David Yokom



Contact us to book a time to meet with BTech program lead David Yokom

Or Call Us at 613-533-6000

For additional information about BTech, check out our blog here, or learn more about the curriculum here.


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