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Queen’s University’s BTech program is a diploma-to-degree program for engineering technologists who want to take their careers to the next level. It combines technical expertise with the managerial and problem­-solving skills the industry needs from the next generation of mining professionals, in a flexible online learning format.


Flexible and Online

BTech’s online format can be taken at a full, or part-time pace, letting you keep working while you learn, so you don’t have to leave your job to take that next step forward. In addition, two summer field school sessions allow students to develop hands-on skills with current mining technology, while also gaining experience working in a group environment.


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Technical and Professional Skills

Queen's Bachelor of Mining Engineering Technology program combines state-of-the-art technical education with the development of soft skills and managerial competencies to train a new kind of mining professional. As a Queen's BTech student, you'll learn a variety of skills, both technical and professional, including:


Geomatics (Surveying)
Surveying a mining site

Understand modern surveying technology including GPS and LiDAR mapping systems used in mining operations.

Mining Sustainability
Sun rising on the mine site

Learn to carry out sustainability audits, perform risk assessments and manage the complex sustainability implications of the entire mine life-cycle.

Surface and Underground Mine Design
Assessing the land

Learn the principles of surface and underground mine design, including optimizing extraction processes, blast design and equipment selection.

Instrumentation and Data Analysis
Mining data visualization

Learn to apply modern data collection and analysis techniques used in mining.

Leadership Management
Overseeing the mining site

Learn how to lead teams and projects, interpret collective agreements, achieve strategic objectives and understand how organizational culture and leadership style can influence a mining organization.

Communications and Technical Writing
Communications for the mining industry

Develop the technical and business writing and presentation skills needed to effectively communicate with the audiences you’ll encounter in professional practice.

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Career Opportunities

As Queen's BTech (Mining) Graduates, you will have the technical, managerial and problem-solving skills to improve corporate productivity, efficiency and safety, while also reducing environmental impacts.

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Application for Admission

Fall term (Sept)
Application process opens: May 1
Application Deadline: August 15
Document Deadline: August 25


Winter term (Jan)
Application process opens: September 1
Application Deadline: December 1
Document Deadline: December 15


Summer term (May)
Application process opens: January 1
Application Deadline: April 15
Document Deadline: April 25


Please note that the Document Deadline is the last day to submit required documents for all applicants


How to Apply

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